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(For a compilation of press excerpts related to The Big Lie, please download the PDF here.)

WNYC/NPR’s The Brian Lehrer Show
Tanya Selvaratnam, Nell Breyer, Mara Hoffman, and Shirin Neshat speak about The Federation

Melissa Harris-Perry speaks with Tanya Selvaratnam and Carmen Wong Ulrich about “the high cost of adding to families”

TV interview by Dr. Sanjay Gupta

The Art of the Accused, with Deborah Solomon, Maggie Mustard, A.O. Scott, and Tanya Selvaratnam, at the Brooklyn Book Festival

AM Northwest
TV interview by Helen Raptis

NPR/WNYC’s The Leonard Lopate Show
Radio interview by Anna Sale

NPR/KCRW’s To the Point
Radio interview by Warren Olney (about the controversy over egg freezing services and their coverage by tech companies)

Radio interview by Eleanor Trier Kirk

Get Connected on 106.7 LITE FM, WLTW (Metro NY’s #1 rated radio station)
Radio interview by Nina Del Rio

The Gil Gross Show on TALK910 Radio
Radio interview by Gil Gross

The Judith Regan Show on Sirius XM
Radio interview by Judith Regan

One with Farai on PRI
Radio interview by Farai Chideya

Counter Culture
TV interview by Kweli Washington

Modern Hero TV
Julia Fisher Farbman profiles Tanya Selvaratnam and her activism on behalf of women’s health.

Fearless Parent Radio
Radio interview by Louise Kuo Habakus and Alison MacNeil

CBS Radio News
Radio interview by Dan Raviv

Radio interview by Laurie Kirby for Women’s Watch

NBC Connecticut
TV interview by Shirley Chan

The Overshare Show
Podcast interview by Toni Nagy

Brooklyn Savvy (NYC Life, public television)
TV interview moderated by Toni Williams

MORNINGS with Sonia Kruger & David Campbell
Australian TV interview with Tanya Selvaratnam and fertility expert Dr. Lynn Burmeister

In Search of Fertility
Radio interview by Victoria Hopewell

Kindness and Clarity

An exclusive excerpt of The Big Lie

An opinion piece about The Big Lie

Tanya Selvaratnam on her book The Big Lie

Kali Holloway and Tanya Selvaratnam on The Federation

“Art is essential to democracy”

An interview with ABC Nightline co-anchor Dan Harris about his book 10% Happier

Art Basel Magazine
“Art for a Digital Age”

Art Basel Magazine
“All In” on NO MAN’S LAND, an exhibition of more than 100 women artists at the Rubell Family Collection

Huffington Post
5 Questions for Playwright Adrienne Kennedy

Huffington Post
“Finding More Moments of Balance in 2014

Women’s eNews
“Don’t Plan Your Pregnancy by the Stars”

Circle + Bloom
Guest blog and an excerpt from The Big Lie

Aileen Kwun on The Federation

The Daily Beast
Can the Arts Keep Minds (and Borders) Open?

Benjamin Sutton on The Federation

The Art Newspaper
Victoria Stapley-Brown on the UNSTOPPABLE/Planned Parenthood campaign

Annie Armstrong on the UNSTOPPABLE/Planned Parenthood campaign

Wendy Sachs on The Big Lie

Meghann Foye on The Big Lie with an exclusive infographic based on The Big Lie Toolkit

Tanya Selvaratnam Reveals The Big Lie About Women’s Fertility – Interview by Liz Welch

New York Times
quoted in a piece about egg freezing companies by Ruth La Ferla

Priscilla Gilman
“I believe in turning adversity into action”: a Q&A with Tanya Selvaratnam

Neon Tommy (USC Annenberg)
Review and Interview by Cassie Paton

Writers Who Read
Interview by G.G. Andrew with Tanya Selvaratnam about reading in Sri Lanka, balancing producing and writing, and The Big Lie

PMC Magazine
“Unsuspected Strength” — A Spotlite on Tanya Selvaratnam by Sarah Heikkinen

The Daily Beast
Tricia Romano on The Big Lie

Dorothy Robinson on The Big Lie

UCLA Women’s Law Journal
Section about The Big Lie in this article by Professor Kerry Macintosh about fertility and sex education

Marie Claire
Mention in “DO THE HUSTLE” by Jessica Grose (PDF)

“Should You Freeze Your Eggs?” by Robin Marantz Henig

Huffington Post Business
“Why You Should Be Wary of Egg Freezing As A Ticket To ‘Having It All'” by Jillian Berman

The Atlantic’s CITYLAB
“Egg Freezing Parties Aren’t Going Away Any Time Soon” by Kriston Capps

The Globe and Mail
“It’s Gen Y’s Turn to Face the Baby Clock” by Tralee Pearce

Die Zeit (Germany)
“Ein Kind von Apple,” feature by Kolja Rudzio with Kerstin Kohlenberg et al. about support for egg freezing by tech companies

Corriere della Sera (Italy)
“La scelta di Apple e Facebook: Un sostegno. Pero si ritarda la maternita,” feature by Serena Danna about support for egg freezing by tech companies

Laura Barcella on The Big Lie and an interview with Tanya Selvaratnam

Guest of a Guest
Stephanie Maida on The Big Lie and an interview with Tanya Selvaratnam

Girls’ Globe
Interview by Emma Saloranta

Women LEAD
Interview by Megan Foo

Riffle Backstory: A Q&A with Tanya Selvaratnam, author of The Big Lie

Interview by Carrie Murphy

Feed Me I’m Cranky
Annabel Adams on “The Big Truth: Being 30 and Not Ready for Kids”

New York
Interview by Vanessa Grigoriadis

Interview by Laynie Rose

Bangalore Mirror (India)
Sowmya Rajaram on The Big Lie

Light Reading
Signal Boost: Interview by Jenny Davidson

Facing the Fertility Lie – Kate Winick on The Big Lie

Refinery 29
Kelly Bourdet on Tanya Selvaratnam’s 5 Pieces of Fertility Advice for Young People

Witty Title Here
“Must Reads: For anyone who thinks they can have it all” by Cassie Paton

The One Pregnancy Book I Can’t Wait to Read This Year, Aela Mass on The Big Lie

Design & Trend
Pete Calautti on The Big Lie

People Who Write
Interview by Nana Brew-Hammond

Byron Beck
Portland event for Tanya Selvaratnam’s The Big Lie

Patrick McMullan
Photos of the New York event for Tanya Selvaratnam’s The Big Lie

Review by Karen Springen (need subscription) | (PDF)

4-Bust Review by Corrie Pikul (PDF)

Biopolitical Times
Review by Amy Richards for the Center for Genetics & Society

San Francisco Book Review
4-star review by Holly Scudero

Girls’ Globe
Review by Emma Saloranta

Publishers Weekly

Library Journal
Review by Mindy Rhiger (need subscription) | (PDF)

The African Book Review
Review by Nana Brew-Hammond

Path to Fertility
Lisa Rosenthal on The Big Lie

Muses & Visionaries
Review by Lola Thelin

I was quoted in two articles about certain egg freezing companies, which I believe are committing fraud: the first piece was by Ruth La Ferla for The New York Times; the second by Kaitlyn Tiffany for The Verge.

In honor of Women’s History Month 2017, I was in a series of portraits by Amber Mahoney for Mara Hoffman of 25 #RadicalWomen. Please check out the site and read about it in Vogue.

American Express Open Forum
The Rise of the ‘Indiepreneurs’, Interview by David Hershkovits with Tanya Selvaratnam, Fab 5 Freddy, and John Cafarelli

Wonder Woman, Profile of Tanya Selvaratnam

Naughty Multitasker, Profile of Tanya Selvaratnam

New Yorker
Making It (need subscription) | (PDF)

New York Times
New York Performing Artists Share Inspiration on “MADE HERE” | (PDF)

Wall Street Journal
“MADE HERE” Finale

The Burton Wire
Charles Daniels writes about Mickalene Thomas’s “Happy Birthday to a Beautiful Woman” on HBO

Tanya Selvaratnam and Chiara Clemente Continue Exploring the Creative Process with “MADE HERE”

The New Army of Talent