Planned Parenthood
Most recently, I’ve been working with Planned Parenthood to develop creative content. I produced and directed the video UNSTOPPABLE, which launched during the one-year anniversary of the Women’s March.

The DO School
Since 2011, I have been an advisor to The DO School, an innovative educational organization offering learning experiences that create global impact. It trains and mentors social entrepreneurs from all over the world and helps them kickstart their own social ventures.

NGO Forum/Fourth World Conference on Women
The Conference took place in China in 1995. I was a youth organizer on the steering committee, produced arts and culture events at the NGO Forum, and subsequently assistant-edited the monograph of papers. I served on a think tank for the NGO Committee on the Status of Women to advise the global campaign to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Beijing Conference, including a day-long gathering on International Women’s Day in March 2015 at the Apollo Theater in Harlem.

Ms. Foundation for Women
I started working for the Ms. Foundation in 1995 and helped it find celebrity spokespeople and mentors for Take Our Daughters to Work Day. I served as the Special Projects Coordinator until 1998.

World Health Organization
I was an organizer for the World Health Organization’s Kobe Conference on Women and Tobacco in 1999, which laid the groundwork for public health policy and legislation around the world. Thereafter I continued as a research associate for Soon-Young Yoon, the lead coordinator of the Conference, and assistant-edited a monograph.

Formed in response to the Orlando massacre at Pulse, its first action at the Pride March in New York to commemorate the 49 lives lost in Orlando received enormous coverage, including on the front page of The New York Times and BBC’s Week in Pictures. For its first three months, I chaired the filmmaking team, called GAGreel, which includes Chris Arruda, Sandi DuBowski, Eric Rockey, Paul Rowley, and David Thorpe. You can check out the videos on the YouTube channel.

Third Wave Foundation
The Third Wave Foundation was started by Catherine Gund, Dawn Martin, Amy Richards, and Rebecca Walker. It is dedicated to youth activism and the feminist movement. I emceed one of its galas and served on its board.

Artists for Tsunami Relief
In response to the 2004 tsunami, I joined forces with Syndicate Media Group to produce a benefit titled Artists for Tsunami Relief. The show at Marquee included appearances by Lou Reed, David Byrne, Angela McCluskey, Moby, Vernon Reid, Sussan Deyhim, Colson Whitehead, and Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky, and raised $50,000 for tsunami relief in Sri Lanka. Subsequently, I have organized two book drives, one for children’s books and the other for art books.