Welcome to my website. Tanya Turns Up is a nickname I got in college, first used by my classmate, the director David Gammons. I work in film, theater, and visual arts. Please check out the different sections of this site to see some of my projects as a writer, actor, producer, and activist. You can order my book The Big Lie, from Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, and Amazon. Thank you for visiting.


The first documentary I produced, Our City Dreams directed by Chiara Clemente, just became available on Vimeo VOD. Please watch this beautiful and moving portrait of artists Swoon, Ghada Amer, Kiki Smith, Marina Abramovic, and the late Nancy Spero.

If you’re in New York between January 6 and 17, please come see me onstage in Sorry Robot by Mike Iveson, Jr., directed by Will Davis. The cast includes Tony Brown and Nicky Paraiso.

Also in New York, I am co-curating with Frank Hentschker the inaugural international Segal Film Festival on Theatre and Performance (FTP), which will take place all day long on Thursday, January 29 and Friday, January 30 at The Segal Theatre Center, The Graduate Center, CUNY. The lineup is phenomenal, and screenings are free.